Curt Lyman, Life vs Death Insurance


It used to be that in order to get value from life insurance you had to die. But today’s new permanent policies issued by strong insurance carriers offer more than protecting young families from the loss of a family breadwinner. At Alpha Beta Gamma Risk Management, we sometimes use life policies which have a cash accumulation component as a way to self-fund many different life needs, from college funding to the down payment on real estate to buying a business. Instead of borrowing from a bank, you can borrow from your life policy, and pay yourself back the interest.


In the last decade life insurance has evolved so much that it’s become a critical component of risk management for some retirement plans. In fact, life insurance may be one of the most flexible tools, which can provide income, protection against disability, long-term care benefits, tax-free death benefits for heirs, spousal survivorship benefits and much more. Depending on your goals and objectives, life insurance strategies can support a balanced retirement plan, and we will do the research to compare costs and fees against the benefits and coverages that might fit your parameters.

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