At Alpha Beta Gamma, we may recommend a policy to specifically cover short-term or long-term disability. But many times, new insurance policies offer disability coverage as part of a more comprehensive life insurance or annuity policy. With these policies, you have disability coverage if you need it, but other types of coverage, like an annuity payment or life insurance benefit, if you don’t. The new flexibility is tremendous, and many times we can find ways to make each dollar work harder in your overall financial or retirement plan.


If you can’t work, you can’t create income for your family. The purpose of disability coverage is to provide a portion of your family’s income in the event of your becoming disabled and unable to pay expenses. Back injuries and accidents are usually what cause disability in younger people, while Alzheimer’s and chronic health conditions like arthritis, diabetes, heart conditions or cancer can create disability as you get older. Disability policies vary in how they define “disabled” and we will do our due diligence research about requirements when we are comparing features and costs from many different insurance carriers.

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