Judith J. Reed
Financial Advisor

Judi Reed grew up in “middle America” on a large farm in Kansas where friends and neighbors helped each other. Those lessons forged her core business philosophy. Throughout her career Judi has assisted corporate and individual investors protect and improve their financial standing through her insightful analysis and careful guidance.

Judi graduated with high honors from the University of South Carolina’s Darla Moor School of Business with a bachelor’s degree in business economics and marketing.

Judi worked for the United States Department of the Treasury as a Federal Agent with high security clearances. Her specialty was Bank and Trust regulation and oversight. She was a highly recognized expert in the Office of Thrift Supervision. Judi was responsible for the promulgation of that agency’s “Handbook for Fiduciary Compliance” which served as a guide for OTS trust companies until that agency was consumed by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

As a senior regulator, Judi was responsible for examining the safety and soundness of many of this country’s largest trust companies. She had the opportunity to examine the investment practices of many of the best, and worst, fiduciary trust companies charged with protecting clients’ assets and wishes. This observation has given her a keen eye for strong and cogent investment practices.

Following her career in government service, Judi continued her passion to protect people as a licensed insurance agent specializing in long term care and annuity strategies to help clients protect their retirements. Judi is a licensed Life, Health and Long-Term Care agent registered in Arizona.

Judi brings her extensive knowledge of both the investment and insurance world to Alpha Beta Gamma because of her long rapport with Curt Lyman that extends over 25 years.

“Judi’s commitment to taking a fiduciary approach to clients’ needs is in perfect alignment with the fundamental principal upon which Alpha Beta Gamma was founded. It is with the greatest confidence that I can recommend Judi to clients of the firm as being simply, the best in her field,” said Curt Lyman.

Judi now lives and works in Sedona, Arizona where she is an avid volunteer, environmentalist, hiker, kayaker and gardener. Judi has one adult son who lives in Asheville, North Carolina and is an executive chef.