About Alpha Beta Gamma Risk Management

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Alpha Beta Gamma Risk Management Pllc is a Florida licensed insurance agency. We have independent agents in states other than Florida.

I wanted to tell you a little bit about “WHY” this firm was formed.

As an attorney, and as the son of an attorney, I was trained from a very early age that you always put your clients’ interests first.

For almost 30 years, we did not recommend insurance products that looked like investments because we felt that they simply benefitted the insurance companies with little benefit to the policy holders. We recognized there were exceptions, but by and large, we were “anti” insurance and related products.

Approximately six years ago we were introduced to a firm called Annexus. Contrary to the normal creation of an insurance product, which was traditionally done by an insurance company and then given to their agents to sell, the founders of Annexus designed, and patent-protected, one of the most unique annuity frameworks in history. There are over 20 patents protecting its design and what we learned is that, mathematically, it will produce portfolio “Gamma.”

Portfolio Gamma is the shifting of the risk/reward relationship by reducing risk and increasing returns.  This is the “Holy Grail” of the investment world…higher returns with less risk. It sounds too good to be true and often is, but, not in the case of the Annexus products. This uniqueness is why they were able to receive patent protection on their product design.

After investigating this for over a year and a half, we became believers that we could reduce the risk of sequential returns in a clients’ portfolio through the use of a principal guaranteed contract whose crediting was based upon the performance of a capital market index, with no upside limitation or cap.  We looked at the studies, did the math and concluded that the Annexus products did in fact generate portfolio gamma.

As the founder and CEO of Alpha Beta Gamma Risk Management, my objective is, first, to always do what’s right for you—for each unique and individual client—and accomplish that within the best infrastructure that we can build.  We felt that the creation of Alpha Beta Gamma Risk Management as an independent insurance agency would permit us the freedom to find the best solutions for each client’s needs. It did not tie us to any product producing company and as a result, we sit on the same side of the table as our clients when we make a recommendation to them for an insurance product. This provides our clients with more options and we are equipped to explain and discuss those options with you.

Our backoffice is powered by our partners at Quantum. Quantum, based in Scottsdale, AZ, is a company dedicated to the support of independent investment advisors and insurance agents. They assist in our solution design, product identification, contracting, and delivery of contracts to the purchaser. They enjoy some of the best and brightest minds in the insurance industry and we are proud to partner with them.  They, like us, share in the mantra often heard around our halls…”Client First.”

I invite you to check us out.  Let us know your worries, your fears, and your excitement for the future of your life. Tell us what you want protected and what isn’t so important. We know that we can find an appropriate solution for you using the tools and relationships that Alpha Beta Gamma Risk Management Pllc has at its disposal.

Finally, I keep an open door policy. If you ever have a question or a concern about our recommendations or our services, please call me directly and let me know and we will find answers and solutions to ensure that you are secure now and in your retirement.

Thanks for exploring our website.  I look forward to speaking with you in the near future.